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Southern Middle Sports Passes for Sale

SMS Sports season passes are for sale...

Adults $40

Students $20

See SMS front office for details

Welcome Back to School Southern Middle!

Have a great year SMS!!!


SMS Fall Map Testing Window

August 26th: 7th Grade                             September 6th: 7th Grade Science

August 27th: 7th Grade                             September 9th: 8th Grade

August 28th: 7th Grade Makeups              September 10th: 8th Grade

September 3rd: 6th Grade                         September 11th: 8th Grade Makeups

September 4th: 6th Grade                                   

September 5th 6th Grade Makeups

News & Announcements

SMS Dress and Appearance Policy for 2019-20
Click this announcement to view the entire dress code...
SMS Dress and Appearance:

Shorts and skirts length must be at or longer than the fingertips when standing with arms to the side.  This rule also applies in regard to holes in jeans/pants/shorts above the fingertips as well.  Students in violation of this rule will be asked to call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school, sent to FRC for a change of clothes, or be sent home for the day. 

IC and HIF Updates

This year, Pulaski County Schools will continue to allow families to update demographic information and fill out the HIF (Household Income Form) online through the Infinite Campus parent portal.  For the online HIF form, income information MUST be included for the form to be valid and processed.  If you have questions about this, please contact your child's school or call the Pulaski County Board of Education at 606-679-1123.

Click HERE to access the step-by-step instructions.


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Our Mission

 SMS Mission: SMS will engage, enable, and empower all students to reach for personal and academic greatness every day.

SMS Vision: SMS will provide a safe and highly successful educational experience empowering all students to be academically ready for a successful high school experience and beyond.