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    Because the COVID incident rate in Pulaski County is below 25 cases per 100,000, masks are optional for staff and students November 29 - December 3, 2021.  Masks are required at the ATC.

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Last Updated: 11/26/2019 5:46 PM

WHAT IS #iLearnPulaski?
#iLearnPulaski is a detailed plan on how instruction will be delivered to ALL students when school is closed due to health or safety concerns. The plan calls for teachers to deliver content digitally, but also makes allowances for those students who may not have ready access to the technology resources necessary for this type of learning.  You can find additional information about non-traditional instructional plans on the KDE website at http://education.ky.gov/school/innov/Pages/Non-Traditional-Instruction.aspx 

All lessons are titled #iLearnPulaski Day lessons with a number to indicate the day, i.e. #iLearnPulaski Day 1, #iLearnPulaski Day 2, etc.  When school is cancelled and the district decides to utilize a #iLearnPulaski Day the announcement will include instructions such as "complete #iLearnPulaski Day 1 lessons".   The students are only expected to complete and turn in the work as indicated in the announcement. 

For future #iLearnPulaski Days:

ELEMENTARY:  Packets will be sent home with all students in early December.  Packets will also be found online by clicking  "Elementary #iLearnPulaski Lessons".  Click the folder for your grade level to get the daily lessons. 

MIDDLE/HIGH:  Packets will be sent home early in December to students who opt to complete assignments via paper/pencil.  Students who opt for electronic completion will need to login to the Google Classroom to find lessons for each class.  You may contact teachers via email or by calling the school. 

Login Directions:
- Go to https://classroom.google.com
- Username is the student email address:  first.last@stu.pulaski.kyschools.us
- Password is the student network password

*If you cannot login to Google Classroom, please contact your school or email Teresa Nicholas at teresa.nicholas@pulaski.kyschools.us 

Burnside Elementary School:  606-561-4250
Eubank Elementary School:  606-379-2712

Memorial Education Center: 606-678-4100
Nancy Elementary School:  606-636-6338
Northern Elementary School:  606-423-1040
Northern Middle School:  606-678-5230
Oak Hill Elementary School:  606-679-2014
Pulaski County Area Technology Center:  606-678-2998
Pulaski County High School:  606-679-1574
Pulaski Day Treatment:  606-679-1303
Pulaski Elementary School:  606-678-4713
Shopville Elementary School:  606-274-4411
Southern Elementary School:  606-678-5229
Southern Middle School:  606-679-6855
Southwestern High School:  606-678-9000